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weird websites:A website is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain. It is hosted on a least one web server, accessible via internet. Web pages are the building block of websites, which are the documents, typically written in text for the viewers. The pages of a website can easily be accessed from the simple URL also called web address. Some website requires a subscription to access some or all of their contents.Websites are of 2 types, and one of them is weird strange websites. Interactive sites allow the interactivity between the site visitor and site owner.

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10 weird websites in the world

There are lot of great sites for the user’s entertainment in order to relax and surf the web. The list of quite funny, interesting, websites will definitely blow your mind. Some of the common bizarre websites are Clever Bot- it uses a non-natural algorithm to talk with humans

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  • SnapBubbles- This web site is quite good as in this people can snap the bubbles of the bubble wrap.This website is a truly deserve the tag of  weird strange websites over the internet.
  • Press The space Bar- This website is quite interesting as in this we have to press the maximum s spacebar in 10sec, or even in 5 seconds.This website got into this weird internet sites due to the nature of website.
  • Zoom quilt- It is another type of website in which you can see one of the best illusions. This is one of the arts present on this site.This site is cool for artist if you are a illusion lover then you must check out this weird website.
  • Zombo- zombocom is another weird website; anything is likely to be done at zombocom.
  • Test-Gay- this is one of the funniest website present on the internet. It is a intensely fabulous test for the heterosexuality.
  • Feed the Head- everyone should visit this site, in this you can do various strange things with eyes, ears, head etc.
  • Pointer-Pointer- This is quite interesting game, in this you have to move your pointer to any point on your PC’s screen. If your pointer is still, a photo of the person along with the pointer appears.
  • BoohBah Zone- It is one of the most entertaining web sites and is interactive entertainment for pre-schoolers.
  • Staggering Beauty- As, the name indicates itself in this you have to move your mouse around the screen vigorously and see what happens next.
  • Nicest Place on the Internet- This website is one of the nicest web sites present in the internet. This is a website with a soul intention of cheering people with hugs and music form the people.
  • The Last Page on the Internet- This is one the weirdest site on the internet at present. This site usually says that you have reached the last page of internet. We hope you enjoyed browsing.
  • R33b- This is the weirdest web site present on the internet. This site is all about HYPNOTOAD. In this website, a toad will try to hypnotize you. This is just a useless site but have good traffic.
  • Do Not Go On- This is one of the best website present. In this, you will be in dilemma. This web site will make you confuse whether to do or not to do. Everyone makes mistakes.

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